EPJ Design, founded by Emily Johnson, is a London based design studio with experience in residential, commercial, hospitality and yacht design. East London born designer Emily, creates soulful interiors consisting of colour and unique finds. Emily gets her inspiration from her day to day life and is determined to create something new for the London market.

"The secret is to never stop learning, I find inspiration from everywhere and everything."

After graduating from KLC School of Design, Emily went on to work for renowned design firms in her resident city, before undergoing the challenge of setting out on her own.

Emily creates luxurious, vibrant interiors which ooze soul. Not limiting herself to London, she loves to work globally, incorporating the different cultures into her designs.

EPJ Design aims to help clients find their vibe and ensure their interiors tell their own story. Delivering on all aspects of the design, from concept to completion. On time and on budget.

Working very closely with her clients Emily ensures everything is considered. From the height of your cabinets to the depth of your drawers. "I offer a completely bespoke service for my clients. Their homes should be tailored to their needs to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction."

For all enquiries, please head to our contact page - we would love to hear from you