Seasonal Styling: Autumn

As Summer draws to an end we find ourselves at this awkward time of the year. Its starting to get colder and the days are that little bit greyer. It's still not quite cold enough to convert to our winter wardrobes, and we are teased by the odd sunny day. The lighting in our homes has changed, and can instantly feel 'flat'.

To beat the winter blues I've put together some Autumn styling tips to make the transition that little bit easier.

I've included a few of my favourites that I have found this week - simply click on the link below the images to shop!



Bronze accents 

Make small changes by adding some bronze accents. Think of the Aumtumn leaves - the wonderful warm colours. Adding some accessories to your home to reflect the colour of the leaves can instantly add warmth to your interior. 

Cosy up with a throw

Add some comfort to your living room. Find a beautiful, cosy throw to drape over your sofa or armchair. Think chunky knits and soft wool, or a faux fur. This softens the space and is a helping hand on those chilly evenings when you need an extra layer! 

Fill your home with warm scents

Invest in some new candles. Think scents such as, cedar, musk, oud & Bergamont. My ultimate favourite is Feu de bois by Diptyque - I fill my home with this scent! But have a look round and get a feel for what you like. Once you've found 'your scent' buy in bulk! 


Layer your Lighting

As the long days draw to a close, our homes are getting darker a lot sooner. Without the right lighting our interiors can feel cold and dreary. Investing in a mixture of floor & table lamps adds atmosphere to the home, as well as providing that much needed extra light. Remember to think of the levels when lighting the home. Don't neglect the tall spaces. 

Go green

I'm a huge fan of a lot of greenery in a home - be careful not to go too far and turn your home into a greenhouse! or do.. hey you do you. 

Plants help to lift our mood and styling them right can take us to a warm cosy place by a campfire in a forest somewhere..enjoy