Paris Edit: Maison & Object

Maison Object, that crazy 4 day weekend that happens twice a year, where designers from across the globe all flock to Paris to visit one of the biggest shows in the industry.

This was our first time visiting the September show, as we usually only attend the January edition. Our first thoughts is that the designers usually launch more of their new collection in January - so the show tends to be more of a 'must see' at the beginning of the year. But all things aside, this was a a worthwhile trip.

Eclectisism and natural forms really shone through this September, and we couldn't help but think that design is finally going in a more interesting direction.

It was such a relief to see so many beautiful colours - no grey or (greige) as we like to call it. Burnt orange, mustards, blues and greens, filled the stands and there was a certain feeling of understated glamour that we couldn't get enough of.

Below are some of our favourites from the show.