How To: Create your very own home spa

Something that is becoming more and more popular in homes is the desire for a 'home spa'

There's nothing better than treating yourself to a day at one of your favourite spas.

You come away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and almost brand new.

Stress is unfortunately part of our day to day lives for most of us - Especially here in the big smoke. The endless to do lists running through our minds and the feeling of constant rush. This is why so many of us are now turning to wellness and starting to acknowledge our mind and body - resulting in the need for that 'spa' feeling at home.

See below some of our favourite ways to bring wellness into your interior and create a calm retreat that you never want to leave.

1. Worldwide influence

Have you ever been to Bali? or Morocco? anywhere for that matter - a place that you have visited and thought 'wow' we don't have places like this back home.

There are some beautiful places in the world, where the people just get it. They understand the need for 'zen' in our lives and their interiors reflect this, so much so that we now associate that feeling with holidays and exotic countries.

So why not create this feeling in your home? So as when you walk in to your bathroom you get a similar feeling to the one you had walking in to that incredible place in Bali.

So much of my inspiration comes from the places I have visited, it brings something unique to my projects.


2. Lighting

I cannot stress enough how important lighting is in the home. Anywhere in the home, not just your home spa.

It really is my most important tool as a designer - Not just for aesthetics, but our mood also. Lighting makes a huge impact on how we feel in a space. It can make us feel uncomfortable, anxious, calm, excited, sad… every emotion can be reached with different types of lighting - yes I said it, quote me on that.

When designing a home spa think of the different programs you need. You need task lighting - for when you are doing practical things in the bathroom - e.g brushing your teeth or shaving your legs.

You also need General lighting, for you to be able to see clearly and for the middle of the night.

Importantly for a home spa, you need mood lighting. Lighting that creates an atmosphere and instantly makes you feel calm. This can be reached in many forms. Low lighting, lighting that washes the walls and floor in different areas, niche lighting. Also, flames. Candles, candles, candles!


3. Texture

We love mixing different textures and feel it is crucial in a bathroom if you want the spa feel.

Think natural textures - stone, wood, natural rock

As humans we have a natural appreciation for natural forms and texture - it makes us feel calm.


4. Spa dressing

Now for the final touches.

Something we all love about going to a spa is the beautiful cosmetics they're equipped with

From face cleansers to moisturisers and everything in between.

An abundance of cotton pads and buds, perfectly displayed.

Calling out at you to use them, even if you wouldn't usually need them. You feel that everything you could possibly need is right there in front of you... and it all looks so beautiful.

Do this in your own home

Recycle the plastic packaging, and place things in glass jars and display them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Display your towels in an ordered, yet elegant fashion. Maybe a fluffy gown or two, hanging on the wall.

Natural coral, shells and sand

Lotions and potions in chic packaging thoughtfully placed