Seasonal Styling: Spring Dining


These short bursts of beautiful weather in London have proven that Spring is now here!
We thought as a way to get a spring in our step .. (pardon the pun) - we would share with you various ways to throw a perfect Spring dinner party .. or lunch for that matter, or even breakfast .. hey whatever you fancy, you do you. 

1. Set the scene 

Are you dining inside or outside? what kind of mood do you want to create? Do you want it to be more intimate or casual? Whatever your answer is to those questions, you need to decide how you are going to create that mood. 

If you're looking to throw a dinner party inside that is more intimate, think about low lighting and adding some candles. Avoid harsh overhead lights and stark surroundings. Draw the room in - this can be achieved by a pendant light sitting above the dining table and keeping the rest of the room fairly dark. You're instantly drawn in to the table this way. 

Ensure your surroundings are perfectly presented, you don't want to distract your guests with anything that may appear messy or out of place. 


2. Flowers in abundance 

Something which is so satisfying to the eye is beautiful flowers. Make a quick stop at the flower market before throwing your party to ensure you're getting the best of the bunch in seasonal flowers for the best price. Think about your mood also when deciding on flowers - for example, if your theme is quite dark, go for flowers in deep, rich hues which compliment the overall design. If you're going for more of a fresh feel, mirror this in your flower choice. 

And when we say 'abundance' we mean it.. fill your home. There's nothing more beautiful. 


3. Runner up

To add interest to your table, think about adding a runner. There are some really chic options on the high street if you didn't want to splash on something more luxurious. As an alternative, you can create the feeling of a runner by having your centrepiece running the length of your table. This is a more contemporary take on the traditional centerpiece


via homeyohmy

via homeyohmy


4. Swoon worthy tableware 

Tableware is one of my favourite things to shop for.. (I can tell I'm getting older) 

There is something so satisfying about unwrapping boxes filled with beautiful plates, bowls and glasses. Gone are the days of the standard white plate and chrome cutlery - there is now so much choice on the market and you don't have to re-mortgage to pay for it! See below some of our picks 

Via Amara

Via Amara

5. Show stopping jugs 

Whether you're a cocktail drinker or not, having large sharing jugs for the table are always a winner. To make them a showstopper add lots of your favourite fruits & ice. Co-ordinate them with your table.. for example, if you have a muted pastel scheme, why not make an elderflower gin spritz? filled with flowers and grapefruit? or for a more vibrant scheme add some berries to your water jug.