Our top 5 Design led London restaurants

Being a massive foodie I always look for quality food when I'm eating out, but being a designer they have to look beautiful! 

Theres nothing more satisfying to me than eating tasty food in tasty surroundings. I look for every detail when I'm at a restaurant, down to the hand wash used in the loos! 

Are you the same or do you favour the food over the design? See below our top picks for eating out in London with a designers eye. 



1. Bob Bob Ricard

Champagne Bob Bob Ricard.png

Because who doesn't love a champagne button? This beautiful Art Deco style restaurant set in the bustling area of Soho is a designers dream. Retro booths, mirrored surfaces and art deco floor tiles - I love it all! 

The restaurant is designed in a palette of blue and brass with subtle pink accents (think pink rims on the plates and placemats.) Cut crystal glass and art deco table lamps fill the restaurant creating a 1920s luxurious feel. The thing I love about Bob Bob Ricard, is their attention to detail. Their logo is featured on almost everything.. including the creme brûlée! 

Plus, the food is great! 

Location: Soho

2. Cecconi's at the Ned


Oh The Ned.. I do love The Ned. The atmosphere is fantastic and being a lover of Art Deco style I'm obsessed with the interior. As you enter you feel as though you've stepped back in time to 1920's New York. The building is a former bank, which you can recognise as you walk round. They still have the vault downstairs which you can go and have a drink in if you're a member..or with a member. 

They house a number of restaurants.. all of which offer tasty food! The reason I suggest Cecconi's is because it's one of my favourite restaurants in London. If you like Italian this ones a winner! 

The nice thing about going for dinner at The Ned is you can enjoy the atmosphere while you dine - the venue is completely open planned so it's great for a special occasion! 

Nothing is done in halves here, the design is very grand and is almost an immersive experience. The loos are also stunning! 

Location: The City

3. Sketch


I'm sure you all knew Sketch would be on this list! Voted one of the most beautiful restaurants in London, this is course made it to our list. 

The restaurant is made up of 5 different rooms. All of which are completely different styles. The one shown above is The Gallery. Pretty and pink and very grand in its design. Designed by India  Mahdavi, the space is filled with quirky art work and fun details..right down to the uniform of the staff which was designed by Fashion Designer Richard Nicoll. 

The second dining room is the 2 Michelin starred Lecture Room & Library, designed by Gahban O'Keeffe. It is very rich in its interior, think deep velvets and grand ceiling details. 

Third up is The Parlour, designed by proprietor Mourad Mazouz and designer Andres Ros Soto. The style of The Parlour is reminiscent of the 90s. It's eclectic style draws the eye in and is great for an afternoon coffee and croissant from its luxury patisserie.  

Fourth is The Glade.. one of my favourites. Think Alice In Wonderland meets Enchanted. This forest themed bar creates the perfect backdrop for evening drinks with the girls. Designed by Mourad Mazouz, Artists Carolyn Quartermine and Didier Mahieu.

"Carved wooden shelves, rich velvet upholstery in distinctive shades of green, violet and cobalt blue, coloured mirrored table tops and a tinted glass ceiling." - Sketch

Last but not least, we have The East Bar, this intimate egg shaped bar is the perfect spot for a pre dinner cocktail. Very chic in its design and a place to impress your guests. 

We highly recommend the Sketch afternoon tea.. go and give it a try! 

Location: Mayfair

4. Dalloway Terrace


Possibly one of the most enchanting restaurants in London! This beautiful little fairytale hideaway is the perfect place for a sunny brunch in the summer or a cup of hot chocolate in the winter. They change the decor with the season, now they are currently in full bloom, being spring. Christmas probably has to be the most exciting though, with wool throws, warm lanterns and icy snow queen styling. In our opinion its best for brunch as they do a wide variety of pastries, smoothie bowls and pots of tea!

The visit feels like an experience that you won't forget.. which is why it's made it to our top 5.

Location: Fitzrovia

5. Dishoom Shoreditch


Dishoom... my favourite Indian in London. 

Step inside old school Bombay, with old portraits up on the walls, picnic style table tops, and chairs that you would find at your grandmothers. You feel as though you have entered someones home .. and the cooking is authentic Indian. This Urban retreat based in the heart of Shoreditch is such a great find. There are other locations of the restaurant, but I feel the Shoreditch location has an edge over the others. 

It features a lit up bar with old bottles which almost look like something from a science lab and delicious cocktails in tin cups. 

Just a warning though - it gets VERY  busy at the weekends and you cannot book. So expect to queue for a while - you can wait in the bar though! I promise it's worth the wait 

Location: Soreditch