Our top picks: Coffee table books

The coffee table book.. for some an obsession, for others a waste of money.

In reality, the books you display around your home say a lot about your personality and the kind of individual you are. What do you want guests to know about you when they visit your home? Your choice of books allow people to understand you a little deeper and get a vibe for the type of person you are or aspire to be. 

Whether it be art, fashion, interiors or cars. The list is endless. Have you ever been to someones home and paid close attention to the reads they have on their bookshelf? and ever thought to yourself, "wow I never knew they were into that" ? 

Now, if your displaying them in your home as styling objects you need to ensure they fit with the scheme as well as your personal interests. 

See below some of my personal favourites that I feel are well worth investing in and that reflect my own personality... as well as look great!