How to: Prepare your day for success
Good morning! It's Thursday, the weekend is in sight!! hold on tight... I thought I'd post start off the blog with something to motivate you

I can't tell you how many times I've been laying in bed in the morning, the times ticking away and I just can't seem to motivate myself to get up!! I keep saying to myself just 5 more minutes .. ok its 23 minutes past, I may as well wait until half past before I get up. (I'll admit, I did this this morning) Don't lie you do it too!!

So too many times I've laid there and looked up ways to get motivated in the mornings and start my day right. It's quite sad really when I think about it, I legit lay there, half an hour late, looking up online 'how to get up easily'

I've read so many posts on the best ways to boss it on a weekday so I thought I'd share with you what works for me. This is my no bullshit version for you. We've all read those posts where it says get up at 4.30 am, do a half hour meditation, go for a swim, make a breakfast banquet, go for a long walk, bath the dog, bla bla bla.. who on earth has time for all of that before 8am?! Not me amigo.

So here it goes... give these a try and let me know if it works.



1. Choose your outfit the night before

Listen, I'd love to say I have one of those amazing house sized wardrobes that are a pleasure to go into at anytime of the day, but I don't. I have an overflowing Ikea wardrobe, clothes rails, chests of drawers, you name it .. all crying for love that I unfortunately don't have time to give. So do I really want to be rummaging all of that at 6am? Nope.

Why do we always look better on a night out on the Hendricks? Because we have planned our outfit!

Do yourself a favour and face the mayhem (or beautifulness if you're lucky enough)  the night before and put together an outfit. Then lay it all out nicely in your bedroom ready for the next day. Even better - take a day on the weekend and plan as many outfits as you can. Lay these out and take a picture of each one. Save them in a folder on your desktop, then ta da! you have a whole collection of outfits ready to go without having to think! I've done this before and it's genius. Plus you'll look better!


2. Set a bed time & wake up time & stick to it


Anyone been bothered to do the iPhone update recently? I've only just done it so this may have been around for yonks without me knowing. I'm terrible at remembering to update! Anyway, have a look at the clock app, there's a new bedtime section - check it out.

You can now set the time you wish to wake up, then tell it how many hours of sleep you want, it then tells you the time you need to go to bed (who needs to be doing the maths right before bed?) On top of this you can decide how long you would like to wind down for before bed (I do half an hour) It sends you a notification when it is almost time for bed, a little like being a child again and having mum give you the '15 minute bed warning' I used to hate that!

Too often than not, we start to neglect our sleep as we get older, but it is so important to us that our children get enough sleep - why isn't it so important that we do too? Look after yourselves

This is when I usually have a bath, brush my teeth, get into bed, log out of social media and read. Aim to get at least 7 hours!

3. Wake up early

Hello early mornings!! Calm down, I don't mean ridiculously early like the Dalai Lama at 4am, I mean just an hour, or even half an hour earlier than you usually do! trust me it helps.

I aim to get up between 5.30-6 every day (chyeah right) and it honestly makes you feel so much better. You get so much done, then you look at the time and think wow its only 7am and I've already done all that! When you wake up early your body thanks you for it


4. Keep your blinds/curtains open

pic 1. .jpg

Unless you live next to a flood light or the m25, this is the best change I made! Having a blackout blind is great in a bedroom & I usually always include these in a design for clients, but pair them with sheers! That way you can still achieve privacy without shutting all of the light out. You don't need to leave your blackout completely open but try just opening it half way, that way when the sun rises, you rise. Like Jesus or something. When we wake in darkness our bodies haven't adjusted properly and it thinks it is supposed to still be asleep, resulting in a huge struggle to get out of bed. Why do you think we struggle so much in winter when its pitch black at 7am?

5. Don't scroll!

I do this, you do this, we all do this. It's the most annoying thing ever! and it is the hardest habit to crush! But I promise you, it makes the biggest difference when you don't.

Our first instinct when we wake up is to grab our phones and scroll Instagram. Some of us do it because we think its waking us up (I do this). Some of us do it as a way to stay in bed longer..(I do this too)

Whatever reason you do it, stop! It's the biggest drain on our motivation when we wake up. Also too often we end up scrolling for over an hour then think sh!t balls I'm late! We've all been there. Instead get straight out of bed when your alarm goes off. This is so hard I know, like how are you supposed to just jump up straight away from a deep sleep? Maybe stretch first then make the attempt of getting up . Then catch up with the gram with your cup of tea - limit this to 15 minutes tops, so you don't get into the dreaded 2 hour insta slump


6. Have your cup of tea in the garden


If you don't have a garden, I'm not going to ask you to have your cuppa outside your front door, you'll look like a lunatic! but maybe just sit and have it next to an open window that gets the morning sun & read the paper.

They say fresh air in the morning is better than coffee so get outside.. or next to the window, you do you

7. Exercise

I would love to live in the surroundings of this image, or next to the beach, where going out for a morning run seems like the best idea in the world. But I don't, I live in London where the atmosphere is full of pollution and everyone is grumpy and rushing to get on the tube. So, I prefer the gym. I go first thing after my morning tea, and I can't tell you how much better my day goes when I do this. Instead of slobbing around in your dressing gown, you start the day active, and you tend to stay this way for the rest of the day. Thank me later


8. Don't skip breakfast


You don't need to go and make anything as sassy as this but make it a good breakfast! One that's going to fill you up until lunch. I can never understand people who don't have breakfast - like isn't this all you think about before you go to bed? It's so important! If you don't have time for it at the moment, wake up half an hour earlier! My go to after a workout is either: protein pancakes, avocado smash on sourdough, or scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Nothing too fancy but it does the job, and yes, I look forward to it when I go to bed - guilty!

9. Shower & get dressed straight away

Whether you're staying in your workout gear for too long, or your pyjamas. It's never a good idea to stay in them for too long. Once you're showered and dressed you're mentally prepared for the day. This is especially true on weekends. We get up in our pjs then stay in them until lunch time, and we've achieved nothing! So Saturday and Sunday mornings, get up shower and get dressed before you do anything else


10. Give thanks


Last but not least - We are so consumed by social media and what other people have that we forget about what we already have. Take 5 minutes out of your morning before you go to work, or better yet, on the way to work to just think about all the things you are grateful for in that moment. Write them down! Challenge yourself to write 5 things a day of what you're grateful for. This changes your mindset and makes you feel good. We're all guilty of forgetting to be grateful for what we have


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